What we do

Explore the work we do, the regions we work in and our ongoing projects.


We provide vulnerable families with emergency relief, and we work to strengthen local communities by promoting child welfare and supporting sustainable livelihoods.

Our projects also aim to develop long-term access to education and clean water, as well as improving sanitary facilities and hygiene practices.

Our work is always guided by five ethical, participatory and sustainable principles: gender parity, environmental protection, inclusion, protection, and value-for-money.


Explore how we transform and empower communities through five sectors of intervention:

  • Child welfareChild welfare (0)

    Child welfare

    Our one-to-one orphan sponsorship helps some of the most vulnerable children by supporting the cost of their shelter, clothing, food and school materials. This programme is a lifeline to nearly 12,000 children; without it, many would need to work to support their families. We also safeguard at-risk children through protection, education, and psychosocial support projects, as well as supporting a drop-in centre for children living on the streets.

    We’re further improving our commitment to child welfare through training, awareness, and advocacy schemes, and we’re working to hire a child protection officer in every single one of our offices.

  • LivelihoodsLivelihoods (1)


    Working in marginalised communities, we provide training, equipment, and business skills to help people support themselves and their families. From beekeepers to tailors, from bakers to farmers, from entrepreneurs to carpenters, we’ve trained and guided thousands of men and women, allowing them to enter the workforce with a skill that is relevant to their local environment.