Honey bee farming

Since 2014, our honey bee farm project has provided farmers with the training, equipment, and technical support to run small, home-based bee farms in District Bagh, Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

This is a rolling, special request project, so you can fund it all year round. We select vulnerable families with experience in farming, train them to care for bee hives, harvest honey, and expand their farms to open more hives. They receive ongoing support from senior Honey Bee Association members to help with technical issues.

With the capacity to keep growing, and the opportunity to produce honey for years to come, this promotes sustainable livelihood, and is a Sadaqah Jariyah.

Support a farmer, and their bee farm will hold a plaque in your name, or in the name of the loved one you dedicate it to.

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    Special request project

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Our impact

43 per cent of people in Pakistan don’t have reliable access to enough food. With cyclical drought, monsoons and flooding, farming families can struggle to make a living.

In all, we’ve provided 350 farmers with bee farms – each of them received four hives, and 90 per cent of them expanded to open even more hives. Over the course of five years, our farmers sold an estimated £935,000-worth of honey.

We established a honey bee farm association to provide technical support, and provided advanced training for some farmers. One of these farmers won a third prize award at an FAO Pakistan farmers’ exhibition.

How have we helped?

  • A graphic depicting bee farmers

    350 bee farmers

  • A graphic depicting people

    XXX people

  • A graphic depicting worth of honey produced

    £935,000 worth of honey produced

  • A graphic depicting starter hives provided

    1,400 starter hives provided

  • A graphic depicting honey bee farm association

    1 honey bee farm association

  • A graphic depicting bee farmers expand their farms

    90% bee farmers expand their farms